"I turned the globe upside down to find the place furtherest from Europe." - Frank Briess


This site is dedicated to the lives and memories of those who suffered during the Holocaust. It refers specifically to survivors who found a new home in New Zealand. You will hear their testimonies and you will hear about the fate of their less fortunate relatives. Each story is unique because each individual who settled in New Zealand found that life was turned upside down as a result of the escape and the effects of travelling halfway around the world.


The site is designed to encourage visitors to look at the moral and ethical dilemmas that people faced at the time, dilemmas that people living under oppressive regimes still feel today. The navigation bar at the top of the screen allows you to explore the site by listening to survivor interviews or by gaining insight from an historical overview.


The Holocaust, the attempted annihilation of European Jewry, continues to bewilder in the unparalleled evil of its design and the dogged thoroughness of its implementation. The Jews made up the largest group, but not the only group, that was targeted by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi supporters. Other victims of Nazi persecution were the Roma and Sinti, people with any type of disability, homosexuals, political and ideological dissidents, Jehovah"s Witnesses, and later East Europeans in general and prisoners of war. The Holocaust was primarily about the identification, exclusion and ultimate destruction of those who were defined as lying outside of the Aryan ideal.


The Holocaust was perhaps the ultimate form and embodiment of intolerance. Take a moment to ponder its deeper meaning and the lessons it offers for the future.