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Heartfelt thanks to the many who assisted and contributed to this project, especially the survivors featured and their families who relived painful memories so that the public of today and tomorrow can know and remember. Thanks are also due to the many who generously gave of their time including:

Oliver Hoffmann - editor and content manager

London: Rabbi Paul and Pam Jessner (West London Synagogue), Toby Goldblatt, North London Jewish Museum, Beth Shalom/Aegis trust

New Zealand: Claire and Peter Bruell, Debbie Knowles, Freda and Bob Narev, Monty Baker, Hannah Brodsky, Mike Nathan, Mike Regan, Simone Gigliotti, Inge Woolf, Lesley Max, Ilai Amir, Craig Boxall, Chris Redditt, Rowan Oulton


Kindly supported by the Raye Freedman Trust (NZ)

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